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Thank You, TS Elimination! I just received the paperwork confirming that I am no longer the owner of my timeshare. My wife and I are so happy that we are not paying the maintenance fee bill any more. This has been a thorn in our side since we bought it 12 years ago. I wish we did this earlier.
- William R,  12/15/16

I wish we did this earlier.

We were very skeptical about this company and the service they offered since we were fully aware of the various SCAMS involving Time Share's. But we verified all of the information the company provided and found the liabilities that our "investment" represented to our extended family to be factual. We remained vigilant of the company through the entire process, to be sure we were not being scammed. But they delivered as promised, and we are now free of our Time Share forever. We verified this by pulling the new Deed for the property from the local Registrar when we were notified by TS Elimination that the transfer was complete. TSE and the associated title companies, were always responsive to our inquiries. Overall, we are very satisfied with the results. The service delivered the results we expected and we have referred them to others in our position.
- Steven S,  09/10/16

They delivered as promised

TS Elimination was able to eliminate my timeshare. Their representative Shane was very nice, explained everything, and made me feel comfortable. I would recommend TS Elimination to anyone wanting to eliminate their timeshare.
- John M,  08/25/16

TS Elimination was able to eliminate my timeshare.

TS Elimination did a good job with getting me and my kids out of our timeshares. After my wife died, we had no use for it. I did not want my kids to have to take over the fees. The process took some time, but it was worth it. Glad to be rid of them.
- Mel J,  08/22/16

TS Elimination did a good job

My wife and I are very thankful to TS Elimination for helping us finally get out from our two timeshares. Your representative Jared was very professional and answered all of our questions and addressed our concerns. The processing department was great and easily available by phone whenever we had questions during our process. We will definitely recommend TS Elimination to others in the future if they are looking for a true way out of their timeshare problems. Thank you again.
- Roger M,  08/03/16

My wife and I are very thankful to TS Elimination

Most people only take the time to complain about a company but rarely does anyone give kudos to companies that do what they're supposed to. I'm afraid I am usually one of those type of people myself but after what I've been through with my two timeshares over the past ten years or more, I am willing to say what needs to be said. I had two timeshares, one with Wyndham and the other with Vacation Villas. I took a leap of faith with TS Elimination, one that I'm glad I did. After being burned in the past by resale scams I was a bit leary. But I had to trust someone to help me or nothing would change and I would end up dumping it on my children or grandchildren. So I hired TS Elimination back in the spring of 2015. About six or seven months later I was officially timeshare free. It isn't cheap but compared to what I was paying every year in maintenance fees it's a fraction of what I was looking at over the next few years. Thanks again Chuck and Andrew.
- Elouise M,  07/13/16

I took a leap of faith with TS Elimination, one that I’m glad I did.