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Our Clients Say: “Thank You TS Elimination!….We are Finally Free of Our Fees!”


  • Ensure our clients experience a secure and protected solution to eliminate their timeshare obligations.

  • Our clients and their families experience freedom from the burden of the timeshare contract, mortgage and maintenance fee bill

  • Provide the highest level of customer service in the industry.



TS Elimination sees the possibility of timeshare owner’s choice being honored.   They can choose to be an owner, or not.   TS Elimination is here to assist any owner  (that no longer wants to be an owner) to permanently and completely remove them from their timeshare.  We see a future for our customers free from their timeshare, and free to make travel choices, without the restrictions of their oppressive timeshare contract.


  • Honesty – TS Elimination educates the public about what is really happening with the timeshare industry. We always tell the truth, so our clients can make an informed decision.

  • Integrity – TS Elimination is committed to stay true to our values, and always do what is right for our customers. TS Elimination staff does what we say we will do, and honors our word.

  • Service – TS Elimination is here and available when our clients need us. Our clients pay us to perform. We value the trust they have put in us to take care of their problem, and commit to serving their needs.

TS Elimination is the nation’s premier timeshare elimination company. We help timeshare owners eliminate their timeshare obligation, permanently, completely and forever.  If you are experiencing any of the following, then we can help:

  • Increased Maintenance Fees

  • Special Assessments

  • Annual Cost of your Timeshare outweighs the Value

  • Cannot Travel due to Financial or Physical Hardship

  • Troubles with Selling Your Timeshare

  • You Paid and Upfront Listing Fee with No Results

  • Concerned with Family Inheriting Timeshare Fees

  • Regrets with Timeshare Purchase


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