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What are my options for getting out of my timeshare?

TS Elimination has multiple ways to assist timeshare owners eliminate their timeshare. It will depend on your specific situation. Your TS Elimination Advisor will help you find the best way to for you to get out.

Is TS Elimination right for you?

TS Elimination has helped thousands of timeshare owners. We have an excellent rating with the BBB, great positive reviews and no complaints. If anyone can help you, TS Elimination can. It is important that you pick a company that will take good care of you. TS Elimination’s customer service team will be here with you every step of the way, until you are finally out of your timeshare.

How much do your services cost?

It will really depend on your specific situation. We always look for the least expensive route. Your TS Elimination Advisor will explain exactly what needs to be done to eliminate your timeshare.

What happens if TS Elimination is unsuccessful at eliminating me from my timeshare?

TS Elimination’s agreement with you is clear. If we are not able to eliminate your timeshare, there is a 100% money back guarantee. Our agreement is straight forward, and has the client’s protections in place. We recommend that you go through our agreement in detail with your advisor, so you know where you are protected.

What if I have more than one timeshare from which I would like to eliminate?

We can work with as many timeshares as you own. We sympathize with owners that have multiple timeshare contracts and deeds. Many of you have been tricked into upgrading thinking that you would end up with just one timeshare, to find later that the upgrade was adding a completely new deed and contract into your name. When possible, we will find discounts for clients with multiple timeshares. Speak with your Advisor to go over your specific situation.

How am I updated throughout the process on the status of my elimination?

Our customer service team is there with you, every step of the way. If you have questions, customer service is available by phone or email. You can always get a live person on the phone.

How does TS Elimination get me out of my timeshare contract?

It really depends on your specific situation. There are so many different timeshares, management companies, types of contracts and types of usages. Your timeshare transfer, or elimination will be tailored to your specific situation. Our staff has over 100 years combined experience in the industry, so you can be assured that the best solution will be applied to your specific situation.

How long does the process usually take?

Depending on your situation, some eliminations go fast, and some take longer. If your timeshare is free and clear with no mortgage, then the process could take 3 to 9 months (in some cases longer). Speak to your advisor about the time, and what delays the resorts have put in place to prevent timeshare owners from departing their ownership. If you have a mortgage or past due maintenance fee, the process takes more time. Read your agreement, so you know how you are protected with TS Elimination.

How much is my timeshare worth?

The value of a timeshare is determined by the ability to find someone to pay for it. If you cannot find a buyer, then the value is zero. In addition, that zero value timeshare, has a bill attached to it every year called a maintenance fee bill. So you could say, that the zero value timeshare has negative value, and that negative value increases as your maintenance fees increase, year…. after year…. after year. Financial experts refer to this as a liability. This is the unfortunate reality of timeshare ownership, you own a liability.

Can I use your service if I still have a balance owed on my mortgage?

Yes, we have a solution for timeshare owners that have a mortgage balance. Speak to your Advisor about how we are able to assist you.